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Dec 22, 2012 7:00am EST
more but is less the federal government by taking them off. what if you offer a buy in to medicare for the 65 and 66-year-olds with the same access to subsidies? >> you are assuming it is actually cheaper. let me say again clearly, what we know is medicare providers will be paid less, $716 billion less over ten years as a result of the affordable care act, that is not the same as saying that medicare is cheaper. there are various estimates which you can accept or not as to the kind of cost shifting that goes on into the private sector. there's almost nothing in the affordable care act that actually lowers the cost of health care. there are a number of promising innovations that are going to be tried, or are in the process of being started by the center for medicare and medicaid innovations. there are a lot of innovations being tried in the private sector that may end up actually lowering the cost of health care. most of the components of the affordable care act to date and those that are anticipated in the next couple years will increase the cost of care because the expansion is th
Dec 29, 2012 7:00am EST
deserved democratic governance. shea stoked the flames in a peaceful way for a lasting change even among those already in a position of power. her efforts have helped lead us to where we are today. there has been a lot of advancement and debate in burma over the last two years and we must recognize and give thanks to all those who had the courage to lead and support the changes in burma including those in the present government. we also must honor and remember those who made the great sacrifices, imprisonments, lives lost, to get to where we are today. too many paid too high a price in the effort to bring about freedom and democratic governance in burma. it is with those people in mind, those who have sacrificed so much, to acknowledge the work that is not done yet. we must insure that the momentum and folds into sustained progress, into a permanent freedom and democracy. as much as i would like to believe that change that has occurred is irreversible, as much as i would like to revel in wind optimism and believe the battle for freedom was won it is not yet. the tides of progress c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2